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Astrological charts or reports, signal the coming of new knowledge and more light on your path. When thoughtfully applied, this data and information can usher a new dimension of self-clarity and presence. All knowledge must result in self-knowledge. These time and energy-based tools assist you in creating lofty solutions to daily problems and may indeed reduce the influx of problems, altogether.

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Astrology’s greatest usefulness flows through the conscious application of precise knowledge for practical purposes. 

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The mathematical and astronomical calculations used in the discipline of astrology, are formulas for gaining access to general self-understanding (Birth Chart Report) formulas to partially raise the hem of the future (Timeline Report) formulas to appreciate personal and marketable strengths (Vocational Report) formulas to navigate the conditions through any one month (Lunar Report) formulas to understand your personal Appearance and relationships (Friends and Lovers Report).

Invest in a report and open another door to enlightened action:

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“The definitive mundane collection of the nation-states of Africa, with historical notes and background…” John.Townely. Historian, Journalist, Author, Dynamic Astrology, Lunar Returns..

How Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean came into being listen here

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Now offered in PDF format, from the author, for $9.99(See below)

Astrologer and author Kevin D. Raphael Fitch presents the saga of 64 modern African and Caribbean countries at the tips of your fingers; all 626 pages, including charts in tropical, sidereal and Vedic mode (3D); photos and maps, with an analysis of each country’s political cycles and their confluence with astrological events; and much more…to read reviews click here 

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This book has been hailed as a “ready-made-classic” in the field of Mundane Astrology. In addition to the technical matter, there’s a three-part narrative that weaves in and out of this unprecedented volume. After purchasing, the PDF will be emailed to you. There’s no ‘sign up’ required, you’ll just receive the whole book. It’s that simple.

Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean —eBook $9.99

To purchase “Living a Soulful Life: Afra’s New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood anbd Freedom Volume 1” by David Christopher Lewis, 
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Living a Soulful Life: Afra's New Teaching On Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom (English Edition) von [Lewis, David]