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The Astrology Consultant

What is Astrology, a new definition of terms.

In general, Astrology is a method of viewing life on a large scale and relating that larger life scale, to you. The astrological chart is the primary tool, which is used to illustrate this relationships.)

If you approach the study of astrology correctly, your thought will begin to broaden, because the subject matter concerns spaces and places outside your community, state, country, planet etc. It also concerns your community and where you are at this moment. It concerns the whole universe, even the cosmos, which includes the cyclical movements of certain heavenly bodies, especially the Sun, which is keyed to the seasons and the Moon, keyed to the month. If you consider the rotation and revolution of Earth around its Sun Center and the Moon’s motion around the Earth, then you are actively broadening your thought.

Astrology may be also considered as a method or manner of thinking and interacting with life.