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Essential Information

Please enter your name, birth date, birth time and birth place, on the form, at the bottom of this page, when you have purchased any charts or reports mentioned below

Natal Chart Graphic (Bare Bones) $5.00


Your birth (natal) chart is computed using the Placidus system, which is most in use. It is clear and easy to study.  It will be sent to your email address


Hindu (Vedic) Natal Chart $5.00


Your Hindu astrology chart, comes with your current primary cycle (Dasa)  It is computed using the Yukteswar Ayanamsa. If you desire another Ayanamsa, please mention it, on the contact form.


Solar Return Chart Graphic $7.00


Your Solar Return chart, requires a accurate natal chart. You will receive both your natal chart and your Solar Return (Revolution) chart.


If you desire to have your Solar Return chart, included with your natal chart, (Bi-Wheel) $8.00




For a One-on-One Consultation click here

Check out our New Solar Return Report, which Raphael writes, from scratch. The Solar Return Report is a personalized rendering of your current birthday chart and includes:

. A 10-page report, about the over-arching tone, vibration and mood, of your coming year
. The personality and soul rays, you will be under, for your year, as well as your spiritual mentor(s)
. Your Solar Return Wheel (graphic)
. Vedic astrology input, spiritual insights and recommended practices, based on your SR Chart, to assist you in co-creating you’re year ahead. Your SR Report can be created at anytime of year and not just at your birthday. 

To create an accurate Solar Return report, do add the city and state, or couuntry, you were in, during your birthday. The SR Report is based on where you are, on your birthday.

For example, if you were in Lima, Peru, on your birthday, and you didn’t mention it, and instead, you gave your place of birth or current residence, as being Wichita, Kansas, then the report will not be accurate.

Also, if you were in Peru, on your birthday, please submit accurate dates and times, in case your arrival in Peru was a day earlier. The moment the Sun return’s to the place it occupied at your birth, constitutes your Solar Return, which means, the Sun could have returned while you were still in the air.  I recommend that you don’t purchase the SR Report, until you are certain as to where you were, a day before and a day after your birthday.  Please supply this information, on the contact form, when you purchase the report.

The Solar Return Report is $72.00 and requires, up to 72 hours, from moment of purchase, to complete. Your report is written in easy-to-grasp language and all astrological references are defined. Raphael’s Solar Return report, makes a wonderful birthday gift.

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