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Coming in, 2015

New Short Story eBook  

Voyage to Freedom, 1820

The Founding of a New African Nation:  

Liberia’s Colonization by Freed American Slaves, 

Her Astrological & Masonic Origins


On a frigid January evening in 1820, at just about half past eight, The Elizabeth, dubbed The Black Mayflower, was docked on the North River, near Battery Park in New York City, bound for Africa with newly freed black men and women on board. An Astrologer, a member of a great con-fraternity of spiritual adepts, was well aware of the motivations of certain men who deemed it better for these people of African descent to be sent out of the country—it was simply a way to manage the rising tide of free men and women who would soon demand equal rights in America.

The Astrologer foreknew that the timing of The Elizabeth’s departure was ill-timed and had to be mathematically adjusted, to harmonize with specific celestial currents and ward off disaster. Despite some dubious reasons behind the American Colonization Society’s desire to send these daring Americans back to Africa, the Astrologer saw that the plan had to be a success—for the purest of motives. The fate of 30 families bound for Africa’s Sierra Leone could be altered by the successful delivery of the Astrologer’s admonitions, which must come from the mouth of a Master Mason to the ear of a newly ordained Episcopalian minister, Rev. Samuel Bacon, one of three agents in charge of the ACS’s African enterprise. Would Bacon change the time?

In this fascinating short story, a retelling of historical fact blended with mystical fiction, Astrologer Kevin D. Raphael Fitch, author of Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean, takes the reader on the dramatic journey of discovery in the founding of modern-day Liberia. Relive the historic events from the viewpoint of an astrologer-priest. Observe the timing of Liberia’s Declaration of Independence by her first president, a Grand Master Mason. Travel from Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa, to 19th-century New York City, and across the Atlantic to the shores of Freetown, in Sierra Leone. This story does justice to its subject as it illuminates the Universal Brotherhood of Man.

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