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Astrology is Only a Word


Astrology is Only a Word
by Kevin D.Raphael Fitch
June 29, 2013

You continue to be, now and always, one with the mainspring of life.  You are a heavenly being cycling though a physical experience on Earth. You wear several types of bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — to name a few) so, you don a heavenly body, just like the planets and stars do; because you are composed of the same universal stuff: electric fire, solar light and their reflection as material substance.

All manifested life is subject to the law of cycles, which can be observed in nature, like the seasons of the year, the short cycle of a heartbeat, the rhythms of the pulse and the in-breath and out-breath of the bellows that we call the lungs. Therefore, to know where you stand in the cycle of your life is to possess one of the important master keys, to getting “a grip” on things: your health, transmuting your karma, fulfilling your mission, relationships, career, and spiritual mastery. This is usually the primary reason why some seeks out an astrologer.

Astrology can direct our attention to the infinity around and within us; to the endless combinations of currents, even to the consideration of our oneness with the whole; more important, our connection to great beings of light, who, while ensouling planets, stars, constellations and galaxies are achieving ever expanding awareness of their God-Identity. Studying the living Sources of the planets and signs that govern the houses of our horoscope is a major step to living in harmony with the forces that they emanate.

Astrology is all around us, in us and continually pours its essences through us. We live, move and have our being, at all times, within a stellar (energetic) environment. Planets and even stars, also have their own path. They have their own astrology to master too. Because, from their position and vantage point, they perceive more of the cosmos then we do, We move through and breathe astrology during a constantly changing “chemism” of ascending signs and the changing chemism of the luminaries and planets, in their interplay with the constellations.

Some use astrology as an end in itself, in order to find more ways to divide the circle, and discover new ways to interpret charts. That’s all well and good, if it serves to elevate that one beyond the limitations, indicated by the personality chart; yet let us keep in mind that our own soul is not bound by the proclamations of our chart, nor time and space.

If the purpose of learning astrology is just to learn more astrology, then one may miss the Sun, by concentrating on the finger, which points to it. What matters is not what sign a planet appears to be in, upon looking at our own natal horoscope or the horoscopes of nations, or even our Earth’s particular astrology, but our capacity to direct our attention to the Sources, from which the planets derive their life and qualities that are poured into the Houses of our Horoscope.

One source we can be mindful of is our Sun. Our Sun is the Source of all of the planets in the solar system, it is the parent of them all. Astrology’s origin is “In Light” so, when the attention is directed to the main Source of physical light, then we can begin to contain more light ourselves, as we pass our exams, through the testings in our personality chart.

We have our own Source, right above and within us: The I AM Presence. It is our own personal Source and its light, pouring into us, at all moments, is the substance that gives us the capacity to master our astrology and to begin to function as soul-er beings, while living in physical bodies. The answer to our astrology is in our Source. There is much more to this, yet for now I’ll end this article on this note. Our attitude of thought and feeling creates a special atmosphere in our personal world. This atmosphere conditions the currents of space (the astrology of the moment) to act harmoniously or discordantly, in our own domain and life condition. Astrology is a means to an end: Presence, which is another way of saying JOY

Charting your personal cycles is part of the path of personal selfhood.

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