A Look at Syria’s Astrology Pt. 1 (Using Sidereal Charts)
September 18, September
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

Syria has had several moments of levels of autonomy. There are too many to consider in this short Blog. The time that I’ve used for modern Syria’s critical moment is Wednesday, 17 April, 1946. This is taken by Syrians to be their day of independence. This was the time that the last French soldier left Syria, so it is also known as “Evacuation Day.” To Syrians that term denotes a clearance; such as when the French “cleared out”.

On Thursday, 18 April 1946 The Oregonian announced the midnight celebration of the departure of French and British troops. The departure occurred on Monday, 15 April, 1946 and Syria organized an official celebration of that fact, beginning at midnight on Wednesday the 17th. The article was released by AP on page 2 of the Oregonian.

Syria’s entry into the Arab-Israeli Conflict, which began on Monday, 15 May, 1948 may have been avoided, or even sublimated, if the natal Sun/Mars square, which linked the 3rd House of neighboring nations and the 7th of perceived enemies had been contemplated by the nation’s leaders. On that day the progressed Sun and progressed Mars were only applying by two minutes of arc. Transiting Mercury was at the midpoint of the Sun/Mars square, which rules the 7th of foreign peace or conflict.

These general observations help add a touch of trustworthiness to the natal chart.

There is a proneness to conflict here, as seen by the Sun’s oppositional glance, from the 3rd of Syria’s neighbor, Israel, to the Moon in the 9th of foreign correspondence; also, the Libran Moon which suggest the delicate balancing of the forces of war or peace. Note the concentration of planets in the Western Hemisphere. (See chart below.)


In Syria’s Vedic chart, the country was born in a Rahu Dasa and was also running a Rahu Bhukti Dasa at the time of the conflict. Rahu can be a blind force, like gun powder burning in the open air. Rahu is in the 6th House (Sathu Bhava) of the (birth chart) which house governs the army and the ability of a country to defeat its enemies. Mars, which is also connected to war and violence, is in the 8th House (Mrityu Bhava), in Cancer, where it is weak, an indicator of a failure to achieve victory. Even though Mars is a friend of the Moon and has strong Shad Bala numbers (planetary strength), it wasn’t enough to triumph, even with the Allies of the Arab League. To generally top it off, the Moon, rules the 8th House, which is called an evil House and was the Antara Dasa, Syria was running at the time. See Vedic chart, below. Pt. 2 tomorrow.