A Look at Syria’s Astrology (Using Sidereal charts)
September 19, 2013 Pt. 2
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

The considered Syrian chart, based on “Evacuation Day” [midnight, on Wednesday, 17 April, 1946] provides a number of “hits” as to its credibility; for a chart is usually unconsidered as “radical” without some correlation of astrological principles.

On Thursday, 18 April 1946 The Oregonian announced the midnight celebration of the departure of French and British troops. The departure occurred on Monday, 15 April, 1946 and Syria organized an official celebration of that fact, beginning at midnight on Wednesday the 17th. The article was released by AP on page 2 of the Oregonian.

The transiting Sun conjoined Syria’s progressed Sun, when Hafiz al-Assad, died on Saturday, 10 June 2000. He was father of the incumbent, Bashar al-Assad. Syria’s Sun rules the 8th House of Death. Also, the natal/progressed Sun conjunction occurred in the 8th House from the 10th, which is a more focused indicator of the president’s passing.

In terms of a shift of government and a new start the progressed Ascendant had entered a new sign, Pisces, at 53 minutes of arc. this pointed the country in a new direction and with that there’s Venus, ruler of the presidential 10th House and al-Hafiz al-Assad’s significator, which progressed into 11 minutes of Cancer.

Progressed Venus is the ruler of the 8th House from the 10th and gives a further “clue of significance” to the astrological combinations related to Syria. If we examine the coup d’état of 13 November, 1970 what is apparent is the progressed Venus conjunction with natal Uranus, by one minute. this clearly shows the break away from the regime of Yusuf Zu’ayyin Jadid, which also, had occurred in the 8th House from the 10th. Also, the progressed Sun had entered a new sign by three minutes, from the 4th House of opposition parties.

If this isn’t enough, to confirm the radicalness of the chart, let’s consider the transit of Pluto applying to a conjunction of the progressed Moon, by 16 minutes. The Moon is the co-ruler of the 7th House, which is the 10th from the 10th of the former Jadid regime. There are many more examples that I can site, yet one more pertinent detail is the trine of transiting Uranus to the Sun/Mars midpoint, which falls in the 8th House from the 10th and relates to new conditions as well as a military type intervention, related to the above mentioned coup d’état, of  November of 1970. See tropical chart below, click chart to magnify. Pt. 3 tomorrow.