A Look at Syria’s Astrology (Using Tropical Charts)
September 20, 2013 Pt. 3
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

This is another brief survey of Syria’s astrology. Syria’s tropical chart is just as relevant and timely, as her sidereal version, which I briefly discussed in last two Blogs. The currents of space are intensifying in this country; the people are moving forward to the climax of a cycle and shift, which may come to pass by late March. Right now, the people of Syria are experiencing a direct influx of powerful astrological rays, of which the whole country is saturated.

On Thursday, 18 April 1946 The Oregonian announced the midnight celebration of the departure of French and British troops. The departure occurred on Monday, 15 April, 1946 and Syria organized an official celebration of that fact, beginning at midnight on Wednesday the 17th.

The article was released by AP on page 2 of the Oregonian.Germane to the UN report, of Wednesday, 21 August, 2013 that Sarin Gas was used in Ein Tarma, Moadamiyah and Zalmaka, against civilians, is the confluence of Syria’s progressed Moon, which is applying to conjunction with the progressed Ascendant, by 43 minutes of arc. The 3rd House represents the streets of the Ghouta region North-East of Damascus, in this case. The Moon (people) is ruler of the 7th House of international relations and as it represents the public force of the land, it has a direct implication for the entire country, represented by its progressed Ascendant. In a way, the Moon, besides ruling the masses, could also be looked at as being the eyes of certain of the international community, on Syria (progressed Ascendant), due to its 7th House lordship.

President Bashar al-Assad is represented by the 10th House (Executive Branch) and so the progressed Midheaven, in the 12th House, in Capricorn (sign of authority in a House of clandestine activity), has been gradually moving to a square with natal retrograde Neptune having already passed its progressed Neptune retrograde square. Here is a scandal regarding chemical weapons and gases, especially poison gas, which is traditionally  associated with Neptune. Saturn in Scorpio was in the 10th House at the time, of the reported attack, in sextile with the progressed Midheaven and semi-sextile natal Neptune.

The progressed Sun also represents the leader of Syria and has been in the 6th House (military) for more than a decade. The progressed Sun had recently moved into the sign of Cancer, about 13 months ago. The Sun rules the 8th House (mortality rate of a country) and being that the Sun is in Cancer, deposited by the Moon, which is conjunct the progressed Ascendant, while the Sun is progressing through a house of the military, we can see how these simple combinations can yield much useful insight, about the people of Syria. The Sun’s sextile with progressed Mars, in the 8th, in Virgo is another testimony to the forces of death, the military and Syria’s leader.

Syria’s progressed Moon had passed a trine with progressed Pluto, by four minutes, at the time of the reported attack and the trine shows the ease at which weapons of awesome power to harm, can be employed. Pluto is ruler of the presidential 10th House.

Another considerable fact is the transit of Jupiter to the 7th House cusp. With diplomacy being attempted by the United States and Russia, to maneuver Bashar al-Assad to reveal and destroy his chemical weapons, here is a measurement that relates to the secretive 12th House, with its ruler Jupiter, on the cusp of the House of foreign relations. Perhaps the approaching conjunction of transiting Jupiter with natal Saturn, which is another mundane symbol of Syria’s government structure, may soften the cold ‘ring pass not’ and open a dialogue of accountability for the survival of this ancient land.

By the end of March of 2014 we may see the complete revolution of the country in confluence with transiting Uranus conjunct the progressed Ascendant and transiting Pluto conjunct the natal Ascendant See tropical chart below, click to expand.