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The Astrology Consultant



Former F.B.I. consultant Ahmad Jones, is an astrologist. He eludes a Bureau surveillance team during an interception by a Seattle Seahawks’ Safety, Michael Boulware, at the Super Bowl.

Jones leaves the U.S. — goes dark for a decade, along with his digital identity under wraps. When he returns to America, his name reappears on several federal databases.

The Bureau needs Jones’ top draw astrology skills, but Jones returned to solve a problem. He has very little time to prevent a foreign nation from being ruled by a corrupt General. All he has to do is appear on a football talk show and expose the plot, but an international consortium tries several times to stop his appearance on national TV, find out what he knows…and take him out.

An entire country hangs in the balance. Only Jones possess enough spiritual weight to tip the scale. But there’s another reason Jones is back…

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The actual bookcover will be posted on my web site two weeks before the release date