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General Observations of Pakistan’s Earthquake

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General Observations of Pakistan’s Earthquake
September 25, 2013
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

1. “Squares produce tense spatial currents in the three worlds.” KDRF
2. “Squares can act multi-dimensionally, their eventual release is inevitable.” KDRF
3. “Equilibrium of tension is required to use the currents beneficially.” KDRF

There was a square, between transiting Saturn and progressed Mars, in the horoscope of Pakistan and it was applying to within one degree and 10 minutes, at the time that Earthquake that Western Pakistan. Pakistan’s Progressed Mars was four minutes away from partile conjunction with the 4th House of natural disasters, land, buildings and infrastructure. Progressed Mars (fiery processes) was and still is in Leo a sign of fire. As Leo rules the 4th House, then, this fire operates subterraneously, below the surface. Neptune  was 23 minutes passed a sextile with the 4th House cusp and 27 minutes from the same aspect with progressed Mars. Neptune represent subterranean gasses and the combination of these physical and astrological elements was in confluence with this event. The inner forces, operating below the surface, of Pakistan observed, through astrology’s symbols and not the tools of the seismologists, reached the periphery.pakistani

The applying conjunction of transiting Mars, to progressed Saturn, both in Leo, by less than three minutes, is another pointer to the release of the intense pressure that resulted in the quake. Mundane Saturn is connected to Earth and all structures, including real estate. Transiting Mars is at the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto in Leo. There’s a Lunar Eclipse, set for Friday, 18 October, 2013 and the Eclipse point is opposed to the progressed Sun. Eclipses have been known to operate before they actually occur. Let’s keep in mind that nothing happens physically before it happens in the mental and feeling world’s. So, an approaching aspect or Eclipse can only act, first, at higher planes of being, before becoming physical.

The blessed people of Pakistan are receiving our best thoughts at this time; and much love is being sent to the blessed elementals of fire, air, water and earth contained in her 4th House of her land, waters and infrastructure. An though the Lunar Eclipse, to take place on 18 October, 2013 hasn’t taken place yet and because this coming Eclipse-point opposes Pakistan’s progressed Sun, by eight minutes and as the Sun rules Pakistan’s 4th House, yet the inter-flow of currents of the world’s sentiments and prayers, for love and peace for the Earth-of-Pakistan are streaming forth to aid. We are helping through thought the people of Pakistan, especially the south-west part of Province Balochistan.

One can practice Ho’oponopono, while learning the facts about the quake and even looking at the astrology pertaining to it.

Mars rules the 12th House of suffering and collective dread, but her people are  now receiving, on winged thought, the best and highest though-creations of God good that can be accumulated, from fiery hearts in all nations.

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