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The Horoscope: a Chart of Intersecting Currents 10/8

Daily Astrology Soulstream
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
10/8/2013 6:00 pm PDT

To get and idea of a map of intersecting currents (a horoscope) imagine that your personal horoscope is combined with a friend or spouse (Composite chart) and consider the interplay of forces. Next, blend your relationship chart with the horoscopes of your immediate family and in-laws. imagesConsider the complexity of the results of these combinations of triplicities, quadraplicities, elements, aspects, progressions, transits, Solar and Lunar returns…

What then?

Now relate these horoscopes to all of your neighbors; members of your city, nation and of humanity; also include the mundane horoscopes of every city and state, the US Federal government and even the horoscope of the Earth. Now, a gigantic web of life (Antakarana) comes into the picture, where a disturbance in one part of the web disturbs the whole web. And now, send forth a single coherent thought through the web of interacting horoscopes and consider its confluence with the human race.

All is One

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