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Kevin Fitch, also known as Raphael, was raised in Mount Vernon, New York. While engaged in biblical and comparative religious and esoteric studies, at an African-based cultural institute in 1979, he was introduced to astrology by a member of the Brotherhood of Light. He did not train with him, yet other members did and they assisted him in grasping the basics of chart calculations.He studied and mastered the basics of chart rendering that he had learned from his fellow brothers on the path, on his own and was further mentored by two local astrologers; one was a Uranian astrologer who had a successful home-based consulting practice. The other, an accomplished generalist astrologer with an uncommon facility with Horary astrology; and who owned an astrological store and taught astrology and computers — in the heart of the city of Mount Vernon.

Raphael built a secure foundation in Natal, Horary and Mundane astrology, from these astrologers. In March, he passed his NCGR-PAA Level 1 exam, in 1995; and almost 30 years later, authored, what astrologer, John Townley called, the “definitive book on the astrology of African nation-states.”

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Raphael wrote an astrology column, for a Montana-based newspaper, he’s interviewed top astrologers, via radio and Public Access, has presented astrology subjects, in Ghana, West Africa and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Raphael believes that one of astrology’s most important benefits is the increase in the range of awareness of those who study it. This heightened sense is the foundation of greater mastery of one’s life, in all domains.

Raphael is also a Martial arts Instructor. He was an international Martial arts Judge, from 2004-2008. Known as Coach Fitch, he has taught at the March of Dimes, Pepsico, the Mount Vernon Department of Recreation, and demonstrated Taijiquan at IBM and Manhattanville College, in upstate New York; and at the Bothell Department of Recreation, Ballard Senior Center and Kenmore’s Northshore Senior Center, in the state of Washington.

He has had Detectives in his classes, as well as persons whose age range, spans from 18 to 70. He has conducted classes in Taijiquan, in New York and in Washington. Has acted in movies and television and on-stage, since 1987. He received permission from the Gibran National Committee, in Beirut, Lebanon, several times, since 2003, to perform Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet as a one-man-show. His most recent performance was in Maryland, in 2014.

Raphael consults, writes books and novels and also, writes on the deeper side of astrology, in a way that can be of real practical use to all.


The Spirit of Astrology

Created On: 09/17/2013 16:19:21
The Spirit of Astrology
September 17, 2013
Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

At several moments, during the 24 hours, The Spirit of Astrology beckons her students, to rhythmically abide with her; with no calculation, or interpolation or comment, even, about her state of being —- at a given hour…she just simply invites her own to visit her House and drink tea.

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