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Astrology of Kenya’s Westgate Mall Tragedy 
September 23, 2013 (updated March 24, 2014)
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

Now! loving thoughts, sent to Kenya, especially to Nairobi, can accomplish much good. for even the portents of astrology, at certain levels of action, yield to heartened-fiery thought.

Fiery World III, 1935 Fiery World III, 609. Astrology is a great science, but it can be ruled by the forces of thought. Thought can indeed have a significance in astrology. Thought creates; thought is a chemist; thought even has an influence on Karma. With such powerful laws does thought contend.

The devestaing event, at the Westlake Shopping Mall was said to have occurred at noon, according to CNN and another time was given at 12:30 pm, by Bloomberg; while others have given 11:00 am and shortly after noon. For now, I’ll discuss the chart of the Republic of Kenya. The independence chart for Kenya, which occurred a year earlier, will be discussed in a later Blog In Pacific Stars and Stripes, for Sunday, 13 December, 1964, it was reported that Kenya celebrated its independence day by becoming a republic, at the stroke of midnight. The chart of the Republic of Kenya, for Saturday, 21 September, 2013 is visually laden with certain preliminary conditions, which, along with other factors and other contributing circumstances, made possible the destructive manifestations, which the beautiful souls of Kenya have experienced.

The position of Kenya, on the great sweep of her zodiacal cycles is in-confluence with certain potentially destructive forces. I say potentially, because from now on, Kenyans can work with these energies that have shown themselves, through murder and mayhem; change its vibration, even. This can occur with the world’s help through harmonious thought-sendings, Ho’opononpono and dynamic prayer; and we astrologers who are aware of what is going on, with the currents of space, can lend a loving hand. Below, are some observations anent Kenya’s recent tragedy.

1. Around noon, transiting retrograde Pluto and Kenya’s progressed Moon were applying to a conjunction, by two degrees and 29 minutes, in the 4th House (land the people of the land, buildings and infrastructure). We know that the Moon represents the public, in a mundane chart. especially the women of a nation and places where huge numbers of people gather. Pluto, of course, is a force of intensified power, which, when weakly handled can become hugely destructive and not beneficial. If we consider the 7 Rays as related to the planets, then Pluto is the channel for the 1st Ray of power. So, this tragic occurrence at the mall was related to this enormous influx of power that was brought into a conjunction with Kenya’s citizens, through a militia. An understanding of the 7 Rays, as applied here, can reveal much. Click chart to enlarge.


The above Tri-wheel shows the natal, progressed and transiting planets for the approximate time (noon) that the events in the mall came to fruition. By the way, this close conjunction is still operating and there is still in the atmosphere of Kenya, this force of intense power connected to the masses; and so we can help through holy thoughts, holy prayers and invocations, for light to descend into Kenya.

Unless one is in the military or law enforcement and has been exposed to danger on a regular basis, so, the juxtaposition of huge forces, such as these as well as being horrific, harms more than the physical body…it leaves an indelible impression on the mental and emotional bodies of the people who experienced it and may even reach as far as the soul. That is one reason, why the sending of our best and loving energies can help in the healing of this fracture in Kenya’s auric field at this time. I don’t believe that an astrological chart explains everything, for there are many layers of causes and effects that have to be taken up in our observation of things. Plus, in the practice of Ho’oponopono, there is no analysis, per se, of why something dreadful happened, just the constant work of cleaning whatever is in us that may have helped to co-create an event. Yet, as this is an article about astrology this chart does offer some other keys to what was happening energetically, over Nairobi.

2. Natal Mars, Uranus and Pluto are opposed the natal Moon, in the chart, for the birth of the republic, in 1964. So, the conjunction cited above, combined with these natal combinations, especially the natal and progressed opposition of Pluto, is another factor in our measurement of things. The transiting Moon (people) was in Aries, deposited by Mars, primarily ruler all sorts of firearms, what’s more is that Mars co-rules the 3rd House of neighboring countries (Somalia).

Transiting Mars was also Quincunx the natal Moon. And so there are at least, six references to the Moon, as well as the other aforementioned aspects that had enough force to densify and bring into the 3rd dimension the subtle patterns of discordant energy, into a siege.

3. Also, we can feel the approaching square of transiting Saturn, in Scorpio, the sign of death and transformation, to the progressed Sun, the vital energy of the country, and the country’s leader (Uhuru Kenyatta) in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of humanity and several people from other nations were killed and wounded. The Sun, in the 5th House of large edifices like shopping malls, was 10 minutes away from the 6th House of the military and police forces. The cusp of a house is like a gate or door and the people were caught between the killers in the mall and Kenya’s forces; they were attempting to get pass the doors to the outside, to safety.

The symbolism of Kenya’s progressed Sun may be more related to the shooting and its far reaching effects to the national spirit, when we see that it rules the 12th House of confinement and despair. Saturn rules the 5th House of the mall and its square to the Sun, the ruler of the president whose nephew and fiancés were killed, shows how He, as the symbol of the coherence of the nation, was personally affected. The transiting Sun, ruler of the 12th House of (hidden groups and enemies of the state) was conjunct progressed retrograde Mars (firearms) which is the ruler of the 8th House of the nation’s mortality rate. It was 30 minutes past exact (half a days journey) but in the same degree. This placement shows that the preparations for the strike were being brought into the physical plane.

Important consideration

It is possible that aspects become more physical, after their point of exactness, or partile aspect. Theoretically, some exact aspects may be operating on a higher plane than the physical and require time to manifest, that is when planets separate in arc, or there may not be any recognizable manifestation. Experiment can further elucidate this.

The master Djwal Kul, in Esoteric Astrology (page 216) has said that astrology works on three primary levels: mental, emotional and physical, whereas because the physical plane may be the primary concern of some astrologers then the precursors that are active on the mental and astral levels of awareness, may not be considered. This means that if a dangerous aspect is approaching there may be time to intercede, in order to transmute and re-qualify the energy of the astrology and this depends on whatever level the horoscope is operating at the time. that said, it is important to know that all levels operate simultaneously and interpenetrate.

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Daily Astrology Soulstreams
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
10/6/2013 10:07 am PDT

Synastry is a method of examining astrological data, usually between two people, to ascertain the influences that each person’s astrology has on the other. This formula enables you to become acutely aware of your responsibility to people that you meet; even those you haven’t met yet; for astrology is not limited by space (We’ll go into this, in another Soulstream.)imagesCA44CKTX

For example, when you’re in contact with someone, either in person, Skype of phone there is an exchange of vibrations that give rise to reactions, which, on one level, can be described in astrological terms.

If, for example, your Sun (vitality) in Cancer (feelings) is in the corresponding Cancer sector of an acquaintance it will engender certain responses from him or her; which may or may not be expressed objectively. While at the same time, the other person’s Sun in Aries (action) will be in your Aries sector or House. If there’re no planets in your Aries House, then that person’s astrology may awaken in you, the impulse to become more active, in that House’s affairs. and visa versa. This will, of course, be modified by the positions of the House ruler, aspects to it and its strength in the chart. There are other considerations that can present additional effects as well.

When you see a friend or meet a stranger, you may not know their astrology, and won’t know, outwardly, what influences are being exchanged between you and (except by your feeling and level of spiritual attunement) that is why it is a good practice to maintain a state of presence, to think on things of good report, to send forth the best thoughts, feelings, words, and spiritual energies that you can muster–to engage in Ho’oponopono.

By maintaining this attitude whenever you can remember to do so, you’ll notice that any potential negative effects, due to the interplay of the astrology between you and others, can be neutralized, so that light and spirit can illumine the darkness in yourself and them.

Peace always starts with you and not anyone else.

Knowing your astrology, Like Ho’oponopono, means being responsible for the conditions, represented by your astrology. To know that astrological Synastry is always an active force in your relations is a valuable spiritual practice, which will expand awareness and self-control and it will produce powerful results, especially, in you, because the positive energies as they reach out to influence others, will affect you first.

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General Observations of Pakistan’s Earthquake
September 25, 2013
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

1. “Squares produce tense spatial currents in the three worlds.” KDRF
2. “Squares can act multi-dimensionally, their eventual release is inevitable.” KDRF
3. “Equilibrium of tension is required to use the currents beneficially.” KDRF

There was a square, between transiting Saturn and progressed Mars, in the horoscope of Pakistan and it was applying to within one degree and 10 minutes, at the time that Earthquake that Western Pakistan. Pakistan’s Progressed Mars was four minutes away from partile conjunction with the 4th House of natural disasters, land, buildings and infrastructure. Progressed Mars (fiery processes) was and still is in Leo a sign of fire. As Leo rules the 4th House, then, this fire operates subterraneously, below the surface. Neptune  was 23 minutes passed a sextile with the 4th House cusp and 27 minutes from the same aspect with progressed Mars. Neptune represent subterranean gasses and the combination of these physical and astrological elements was in confluence with this event. The inner forces, operating below the surface, of Pakistan observed, through astrology’s symbols and not the tools of the seismologists, reached the periphery.pakistani

The applying conjunction of transiting Mars, to progressed Saturn, both in Leo, by less than three minutes, is another pointer to the release of the intense pressure that resulted in the quake. Mundane Saturn is connected to Earth and all structures, including real estate. Transiting Mars is at the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto in Leo. There’s a Lunar Eclipse, set for Friday, 18 October, 2013 and the Eclipse point is opposed to the progressed Sun. Eclipses have been known to operate before they actually occur. Let’s keep in mind that nothing happens physically before it happens in the mental and feeling world’s. So, an approaching aspect or Eclipse can only act, first, at higher planes of being, before becoming physical.

The blessed people of Pakistan are receiving our best thoughts at this time; and much love is being sent to the blessed elementals of fire, air, water and earth contained in her 4th House of her land, waters and infrastructure. An though the Lunar Eclipse, to take place on 18 October, 2013 hasn’t taken place yet and because this coming Eclipse-point opposes Pakistan’s progressed Sun, by eight minutes and as the Sun rules Pakistan’s 4th House, yet the inter-flow of currents of the world’s sentiments and prayers, for love and peace for the Earth-of-Pakistan are streaming forth to aid. We are helping through thought the people of Pakistan, especially the south-west part of Province Balochistan.

One can practice Ho’oponopono, while learning the facts about the quake and even looking at the astrology pertaining to it.

Mars rules the 12th House of suffering and collective dread, but her people are  now receiving, on winged thought, the best and highest though-creations of God good that can be accumulated, from fiery hearts in all nations.

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Daily Astrology Soulstream
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
10/8/2013 6:00 pm PDT

To get and idea of a map of intersecting currents (a horoscope) imagine that your personal horoscope is combined with a friend or spouse (Composite chart) and consider the interplay of forces. Next, blend your relationship chart with the horoscopes of your immediate family and in-laws. imagesConsider the complexity of the results of these combinations of triplicities, quadraplicities, elements, aspects, progressions, transits, Solar and Lunar returns…

What then?

Now relate these horoscopes to all of your neighbors; members of your city, nation and of humanity; also include the mundane horoscopes of every city and state, the US Federal government and even the horoscope of the Earth. Now, a gigantic web of life (Antakarana) comes into the picture, where a disturbance in one part of the web disturbs the whole web. And now, send forth a single coherent thought through the web of interacting horoscopes and consider its confluence with the human race.

All is One

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Stepping into Another’s Horoscope
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch

While thinking of the influences that the planets exercise over yourself, others and the world, it will be instructive to also contemplate your personal influence on your life-condition and your surroundings.

Imagine yourself as a planet, or better yet a star, which is what we essentially are, in miniature. So if you see yourself as a star, then what specific influence do you exert on life and the lives of others. If someone were to place the star or planet of you, in their horoscope (Western or Vedic) would you have a benefic or malefic effect.

You can answer this rhetorical question by being aware of what you are projecting or emanating right now. Is it condemnation, jealousy, a desire to get even, spiritual aspirations, good will, or divine love. Take note of the qualities you’re releasing into your personal world and the worlds of others and of its short or long range effects.

This is one way of working with Astrology from the inside-out. All of us can decide to send forth the most noble, loving, opulent and lofty thoughts, feelings and vibrations that contribute something of inestimable value, like a highly polished diamond, to all.

Hillsboro, OR Saturday, 5 October 2013, 11:56am


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