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New Ways to Learn Astrology 10/7

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Daily Astrology Soulstream
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
10/7/2013  2:18 pm PDT Updated 5/17/14

There are many ways to learn astrology. From the fundamental tenants, to the sky’s limit you can find books, Compact disks, YouTube videos, online courses and many other avenues of approach to this study. These methods enable you to have a basic to advanced working knowledge of how to use astrology to understand your cycles and those of others. Yet, there are other streams of learning and using the formulas of astrology in order to discern what the heavens are saying. I’ll illustrate one of these:

Spending time with the signs is a great way to learn astrology. Ecliptic_pathThere’s a saying that you don’t know someone until you live with them and astrology is no different. In solar astrology, which is based on the tropical year. you have 12 months to live with each sign of the zodiac. How do you live with each sign?

You can begin by studying all the available facts about the sign for the month, during that month. You can also intensify your study while the Moon, is also in that same sign. It is necessary to think about the frequency or quality of the sign, even as it relates to men, women, organizations and countries. Your thought, sets up a magnetic field, which can draw unwritten wisdom about that sign. Where your thought goes there you are.

If you are a Vedic astrology student or practicing astrologer, you can meditate on the Nakshatras of the Moon, Sun and even the Nakshaktra of the current Lagna (Ascendant) for you location. Another practice is to walk in the field of the sign of the month, by imagining that you are walking, shopping, eating and just being and doing, within the field of the Sun sign’s quality.

Imagine, that through the atmosphere of your community, the best qualities of that sign are flowing to you and through you. You can also do this for the Moon’s passage through her sign. The important thing to consider is that only the highest qualities of the sign  be thought about and contemplated. To practice this using the Vedic system, consider knowing the Nakshatras, or Lunar mansions, for the Sun, Moon and even the current Lagna (Ascendant) for your location. Even knowing which Pada (1/4 part of a Nakshatra) of the Moon, Sun, or Lagna is in a great way to cultivate your intuition (soul sense) and to learn to identify the frequency and vibration of the different fragments of heaven. This practice serves to increase your resonance with your own life’s essence.

The benefits you’ll gain from this practice are beyond telling; you will learn things that have never been recorded, before, and they will be for you, because the cosmos is vast and what is already known about astrology only touches the fringes of this stupendous science.

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