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Astrology, Presence and Synastry 10/6

Daily Astrology Soulstreams
by Kevin D. Raphael Fitch
10/6/2013 10:07 am PDT

Synastry is a method of examining astrological data, usually between two people, to ascertain the influences that each person’s astrology has on the other. This formula enables you to become acutely aware of your responsibility to people that you meet; even those you haven’t met yet; for astrology is not limited by space (We’ll go into this, in another Soulstream.)imagesCA44CKTX

For example, when you’re in contact with someone, either in person, Skype of phone there is an exchange of vibrations that give rise to reactions, which, on one level, can be described in astrological terms.

If, for example, your Sun (vitality) in Cancer (feelings) is in the corresponding Cancer sector of an acquaintance it will engender certain responses from him or her; which may or may not be expressed objectively. While at the same time, the other person’s Sun in Aries (action) will be in your Aries sector or House. If there’re no planets in your Aries House, then that person’s astrology may awaken in you, the impulse to become more active, in that House’s affairs. and visa versa. This will, of course, be modified by the positions of the House ruler, aspects to it and its strength in the chart. There are other considerations that can present additional effects as well.

When you see a friend or meet a stranger, you may not know their astrology, and won’t know, outwardly, what influences are being exchanged between you and (except by your feeling and level of spiritual attunement) that is why it is a good practice to maintain a state of presence, to think on things of good report, to send forth the best thoughts, feelings, words, and spiritual energies that you can muster–to engage in Ho’oponopono.

By maintaining this attitude whenever you can remember to do so, you’ll notice that any potential negative effects, due to the interplay of the astrology between you and others, can be neutralized, so that light and spirit can illumine the darkness in yourself and them.

Peace always starts with you and not anyone else.

Knowing your astrology, Like Ho’oponopono, means being responsible for the conditions, represented by your astrology. To know that astrological Synastry is always an active force in your relations is a valuable spiritual practice, which will expand awareness and self-control and it will produce powerful results, especially, in you, because the positive energies as they reach out to influence others, will affect you first.

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