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The Astrology Consultant

The Astrology Consultant is happy to provide free astrological charts, via email, for you who visit our site. To receive your free chart, kindly fill out the contact form, to your left, located below the Menu tabs. with the following information.

Name (optional)
Date: _______
Time: _______
Place: _______

The word horoscope means “hour view or scope of the hour” and refers to the map or chart that the astrologer studies and interprets. Today, the horoscope is taken to mean that there’s an explanation along with the chart. This is the popular understanding. In this give away though, your free horoscope is only the map of the heavens for a specific time and doesn’t include an explanation or report.

If you desire to learn how to read your chart or have it explained, without a fee, then there are websites that offer general reports. For example, If you’re interested in a free report try Café Astrology http://www.cafeastrology.com/

Free question and answer.If you have a question, about astrology or about any condition of interest, Raphael will send a reply, free of charge, if you ask it before midnight on Friday, 5 October, 2013.

Please tell us which chart your would like sent to you, from the list below: Standard Placidus Cusp are used, unless otherwise specified.

We will email only one chart, per customer, per day. Bi and Tri-wheels are considered as one chart.

Please allow a short time, from your chart request, to its fulfillment.

Natal Chart 
Natal and Progressed Chart (Bi-wheel)
Natal, progressed and transit Chart (Tri-wheel)
Solar Return Chart, please specify what city you were in, one day, before, during and one day after your last birthday.

For example, if you were in India a day before your birthday, then landed in California, on your birthday and then was in Oregon the day after, then this information must be supplied in order to render an accurate chart.

A Vedic chart is also available. (If applicable, please specify your preferred Ayanamsa.)