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Book: Celestial Configurations of American Football

Celestial Configurations of American Football 

(Celestial Configurations of American Football) An Ahmad Jones Novel

(New release date: 2016 ) purchase as a Book-On-Demand from: Ingram, Barnes and Noble and Amazon

By Kevin D. Raphael Fitch (author of: Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean)

Copyright © 2016 Spirit of Brotherhood Publications


In this unprecedented work, astrologer and author, Kevin D. Raphael Fitch brings a narrative
approach, to the astronomical corollaries, related to the beginnings of the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ersGreen Bay Packers and the other 29 teams of the NFL; the birth of the American Professional Football Association (APFA) in 1920, —the precursor to the NFL —Walter Camp’s astrology and modern Football rules.

There’s a speculative astrological signature of football, predicated on the comparisons of several game charts; plus a look into football and the initiatic path, astrological notes on the historic Rutgers vs. Princeton game of 1869, the Army vs. Notre Dame game, in 1913 and much much more. There’s a section on the Super Bowl champions of 2014-2015 and a fascinating astrological tie-in, to the last play of Super Bowl XLIX.

For people interested in astrology, there’s lots of it:
Esoteric astrology
Vedic astrology
Sidereal and Tropical astrology

There are astonishing correlations, between teams’ names and birth dates, and there first ever games —with numbers.
Also, for people interested in football, there’s lots of that too.
The book is a fun read with new angles on the game, life and life cycles, which will delight and inform fans of both football, astrology and stories.