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One Question/One Answer $55.00  (20 minutes)

This new service requires an up-to-date natal chart and the time of the question. This service is great when you have urgent questions, regarding urgent matters, business decisions, selling, or buying a house…best time for getting married, etc. Expected turnaround is less than an hour, for an answer.

Required: Please supply the contact form below, with the date, time, and place, when you proposed your question, and your date, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your time of birth, no worries.

Astrology Natal Chart Consultation .$80.00 (60 minutes)

Our initial session lays a secure foundation for greater self-awareness, empowerment and self-culture. Self-awareness is essential for victory in all departments of life, especially the spiritual, professional, relational and financial dimensions. Our time together will provide valuable information about the way your personality tended to operate in the past to aid you, or sabotage you and your endeavors.

I employ several types of charts to point out the conditions, surrounding your persona, for that is the relatively “new face” you are wearing in this embodiment. Western, Vedic and Esoteric astrology charts are interwoven, as part of the initial research and preparation for our session.

Current information about progressions and transits are recorded, shared and are projected for you, for the following six months.

Once you make your purchase, please fill out the form below, with your birth date, birthplace and birth time. Please be as accurate as possible, a birth certificate, a parent(s) who remembers the time of birth is ideal.

Birth Chart (children) $40.00 (45 minutes)

This service, serves the requirements of the parents, in appreciating their child’s overall outer personality profile and his/her development over time. The session covers major cycles of development, up to age 21. Also, the initial conditions, i.e. the impact of the early home environment, resources/talents, how they need to think, etc. When parents have a general sense, of where their son/daughter is, in their life-cycle, they can better meet their needs, with a remarkable exactness.

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