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Kevin D. Raphael Fitch’s Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean is a master work of
unparalleled breadth. Mr. Fitch’s literary feat provides the astrological charts, (in both Tropical and Sidereal formats with well researched birth data) for all (!) African states plus most Caribbean nation-states. He does not stop there, displaying fascinating birth charts for king’s, revolutions, invasions, and similar matters of political impact. It would be impossible to find a book more thorough on this neglected topic of African Mundane Astrology. 

Charts are accompanied with brief national/cultural histories enriched with intriguing vignettes. Here is a partial sample lifted from Fitch’s section on the birth of Egypt:  “The battle continued until Tuesday, 13 September, in Tel-el-Kebir, when at 5:45 am, British-led troops overtook the last citadel of resistance and an hour later at 6:45 am; the British began to occupy Egypt. Seventy years later, in 1952, Egypt’s new astrology would overshadow the end of thousands of years of foreign rule…”  Additionally, Fitch (who prefers “Raphael”), weaves an enticing African-based mystical novel into the book in a subject supportive manner.cover123

Personally, this device stimulated my right brain, balancing the overall factual appeal of the text. This literary approach extends the appeal of the book to both intuitive and scientific readers. This book is required reading for anyone fascinated with the celestial forces and astrological configurations coincident with the rise, fall and birth of nations. Mr. Fitch has provided our world lineage of astrological literature with a significant and needed contribution in the political astrology of Africa.  Bravo! –Judith Hill, Astro-Seismic Researcher, Author, Portland Oregon.

This magnificent book is a substantial, scholarly, well-written and extensively researched account of the significance  of the historical and astrological signposts which guide the development of the title nations on their path to the long-awaited renaissance.

Raphael seamlessly weaves a narrative capable of engaging and satisfying a variety of audiences, each having different interests and priorities. He lightens the text by introducing and interspersing throughout the book accounts of the adventures of the fictitious  but clearly relevant  astrologer, Ahmad Jones. Ron C. School Teacher, East Coast. 

For those readers investigating the role of astrology in the evolution and maturation of the African and Caribbean communities this book is invaluable, incomparable, and unsurpassed.”Kevin David Raphael Fitch has written a unique book for mundane astrologers.” …a wonderful book for anyone who is interested in mundane astrology or African history. Although based on extensive research, Celestial configurations of African and the Caribbean is far from a dry empirical record;…”  The data from which the book was sourced is well documented with many footnotes, a Bibliography, index and Miscellaneous Information Sources.” His overlapping of the historical record with astrological detail, as shown in the charts for the moment of independence, makes this work a valuable encyclopedia of mundane astrology,” –Mary Plumb, for The Mountain Astrologer.         Back to book’s page

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“Fitch’s insightful perspective captures the essence of and fosters a new Brotherhood of Man, where national, ethnic, and political rivalries dissolve and a new Africa emerges.” -David Christopher Lewis, founder of The Hearts Center and author of: Now, Zen, and Always

“All in all, this invaluable work is a ready-made classic that fills a long-empty gap in the understanding of mundane astrology and the nations that individually and collectively make up the evolving halls of history. Much kudos to Mr. Fitch for this welcome culmination of years of devoted and faithful research, to be found nowhere else. This is really a classic and valuable reference work for all…-John Townley, astrologer and author of the books: Lunar Returns and Composite Charts, Sea Cliff, New York.

”You have produced a book that will be an important reference to scholars and to informed citizens around the world who have an interest in astrology and histories of Africa and the Caribbean.” –Floyd W. Hayes, III Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

“Kevin D. Raphael Fitch has produced an extremely well  researched book that contains a wealth of information essential to the Western  predictive astrologer engaged in the examination of the charts of African and  Caribbean nation states. It not only gives consolidated founding  charts for those nations but also the reasoning behind their selection and as  such adds greatly to this area of mundane astrology. I highly recommend  it.”

-James Chapman BA MSc DMA
Academy of Predictive Astrology
New Library, London

“With the heart of a mystic and the pen of a poet, Raphael Fitch takes the mystery out of the so-called Dark Continent and brings it figuratively and literally to light.” –Donna Ferri, Visionary Intuitive, and writer,  La Jalla, California

“Grand Book” —Noel Tyl, Astrologer, Editor, Author of Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, Phoenix, Arizona

“The charts and their illumination by Raphael tell the story of Africa from the perspective of divine portents, revealing each nation’s hidden connection with the ethical world. The story tells of an awakening, nation by nation, as if a divine finger had orchestrated their return to freedom, pointing out the appointed time for each nation against the divine ordering of the cosmic clock. And in so doing, hailing the dawn of a new African era.

–Ralph Douwe Raaths, AF&A, spiritual science lecturer and mythologist, Cape Town, South Africa

“This is a first-class, must-read book for anyone interested in African history and astrology. It is as well written and well informed as any text of its kind.” –Basil Fearrington, author of The New Way to Learn Astrology, Newark, Delaware.

“Your narratives are insightful and clear, providing a remarkable opportunity to expand my understanding of our world from the cosmic perspective. Your book will be a mainstay for my research as time moves forward!” –Gloria Star, Astrologer, Editor, Author of Astrology: Woman to Woman, Clinton, Connecticut.



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