What is Astrology?

Astrology is “…The study of God’s starry body and of relationships within the higher worlds as they influence the unfoldment of Man’s eternal nature upon earth and in the heavens.” The Divine Director

Excerpted from my course: The Way of the Magi: Cycles of Cosmic Confluence.


Why is an astrology session useful?

Many Seek to Self-Transform

Some may perceive that a change is gonna come or is presently happening and desire insight.

The planets, in their complex interference patterns displayed on a chart, present the interplay of cosmic energy factors, which are are entangled with the inquirer’s world.

These energies are measured and discussed in the consultation.

So some who are acquainted with the basic tenets of astrology; seek to prepare themselves to walk a new path, for example, through comprehending current celestial combinations, for these are all potential portals, bridges even, to increased self-understanding and self-realization.

Greater realization has its counterpart in the alteration of outer conditions.

This is the whole point in studying astrology: Greater God Self-Realization. For this raised awareness enables all to better mediate the energies that come from far-off worlds to transform outer, seeming limitations into infinite potentials for different outcomes; and this requires the ability to respond to all areas of life with presence and heightened awareness.

Some individuals take the initiative to alter their life-conditions, by watching their self-talk, their image making habits and their thoughts, while fulfilling obligations in chosen fields. To foster a more conscious bridge between you and what heaven is suggesting is the prime directive of each session.

An astrology session can initiate new flashes of insight. Many seek out astrology because it can pinpoint where they are on the path of life. for example, many have sought astrology sessions with me, when Uranus, the planet with an affinity toward radical restructuring of life-conditions, was on their Ascendant or conjoined their Moon or at their 10th cusp of public status. These measurements didn’t always manifest as an outer event; some coincided with an inner decision to change their mental diet, while in others their was an emotional reshuffling of personal values. Still, many had very physical changes that related to the Uranian transit.

Thus, the chart is brought up to date, to show current energetic relationships.

The Star of the Hero (Nicholas Roerich) 1936

What is an Astrology Session like?

Empowering Self from Inside Out

Each session begins with preparation, hours or days before the session; whereby I look at the chart(s) with a view to study their meanings and significances before the appointed time.

When the session begins there is an invocation of spiritual light and sacred fire. Beyond creed and dogma. The light-field forms a sphere around the space the whole time that we’re working, whether we meet via phone or in-person.

The space is clear, pure and fit for an empowered sharing at the highest levels of awareness.

While we discuss the chart(s) relevance to your immediate experience, which is based on my prepared notes, there is a simultaneous transference of pure spirit, a type of solar-cosmic energetic conveyance.

This can produce a tangible experience for many. Yet I do not guarantee that everyone may feel something during a session. With information comes responsibility and many tend to feel an impetus, a desire to change something; because of the astrological references made to real life issues.

And with that inner prompting comes a stream of energy to deploy the required inner and outer resources to realize a new possibility.

Below is a link based on client comments made to me, days, weeks and even right after a session.

What others Say

Each astrology session is manifested in a special way, which is unique and unrepeatable. However, the inner light that can be garnered from a session, in addition to lessons learned, can be repeated and anchored to a high degree, after the session. The "Science of Light" as astrology is called in India or "The Light of Nature" a la Paracelsus, serves to point out an entrance to that inner light. Many have commented...

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